Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 3- Not throwing out the baby...

I'm sure everyone has just been dying to know (yeah right)...where is the week 3 goal? Well, me Emily would say I tend to throw the baby out with the bath water on things that I don't feel like I am accomplishing to the standard I would like, which is how I would evaluate my success with my first few goals, but I'm not gonna throw out the baby on this one, not yet at least, eek. So I decided that adding a new goal this week would not be a good idea since I have yet to get a good handle on my other goals. It seems silly to admit that, I mean really?? I can't drink enough water, eat enough fruit, and floss my teeth every night?!?! Actually I can, but I fail to do so when I don't plan my day or week well. I will just forget to drink water because I'm drinking other things, I will not have the fruit sliced before I need to leave or I will forget to bring it to work so it gets pushed back to being something to have as an after work snack or dinner and then I forget and fill myself up with other stuff, and flossing happens if I think about it before I am too tired. All these things can be easily fixed with a bit of planning, so I guess if I need to give a week 3 goal, it's to start making a plan for myself so that drinking, eating, or doing other things don't get left by the wayside as the hours of my day pass me by.

So I'm thinking a new thing I need to start doing is taking a daily vitamin? So ladies, if you take a daily vitamin I would be interested to know if you think it really makes a difference and how you chose the one that you take.

Until next time...


  1. Well, I take a prenatal vitamin, but my friend told me (WAY before I wanted to get pregnant) that it was a good thing to do anyway, because if you are married, it could be a possibility in the future. I just get mine at HEB. I tried the women's multivitamin once and that seemed to work well, but you shouldn't take that when you're pregnant because you get way too much of some things and it can be harmful.

  2. I don't ever remember to take vitamins. I have just used generic women's ones. Can't say I ever noticed a difference, but I don't think I've ever taken one on a consistent basis.

  3. Additionally, I'd like to say that this is a good idea but a new one each week would be very hard. I'd say do it once every 2-4 weeks.
    Something a couple friends of mine did a number of months ago, and I joined them was 101 in 1001. It's 101 goals in 1001 days. Look on my facebook notes page and you should be able to find it. Good luck!

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