Sunday, April 11, 2010

Am I still doing any of it? And other stuff...

Well yes, I am getting back on track. I have not been keeping things up but I have not given up or forgotten. I just finished flossing (goal 2) and I'm gonna try and get back on track with my fruit and water (goal 1) tomorrow. I'm not going to call it a weekly goal but I'm going to start counting calories tomorrow to try and get trimmed down enough for my wedding dress to go back on in a few months. One of the things I said I wanted to do when I got married is to put on my wedding dress every year that if fits, with hopes that the first year it did not fit would be the first anniversary after announcing the expectation of our first child. Since we are not currently making that announcement I have a bit of work to do. With the lovely weather we have been having, I am hoping to get my hammock chair put up to do my reading (goal 4) from in the afternoons. I had intended to plan out our meals and shopping today (goal 3) but I didn't get that done so i guess that will be on tomorrow as well. I did take up daily walking for 30 minutes but didn't ever get around to writing about it. My co-worker (and sister in law Cindy) and I have been walking during the middle of the day. We actually did really great for about 2 weeks then we got to consumed in work but we did get 1 day (maybe 2 I can't remember) this last week and I'm gonna try really hard to get back on a daily midday walk break starting tomorrow. So I suppose this can be my blog announcing my 5th goal, a daily 30 minute walk. I'm also planning to start training for a half marathon with some of my neighbors. I still need to ask the doc if that's a good idea for me considering my back problems but I'm thinking he will probably encourage any regular exercise I will actually do.
Along the lines of a happier me, I have a number of spoils I am planning to do in the next few weeks. I will be getting a facial, a manicure & pedicure, an eye brow wax, and a massage.

Oh I have a new addition to my daily eye care. It's just an exercise for my muscles that control focus. So now I am suppose to do the following each day for my eye care:
Warm compress
Restasis Twice a day
Xibrom Once a day
Soothe XP and Blink drops as often as needed/remembered
5 Fish Oil capsules
Pen Exercise

All that is in addition to wearing glasses all the time, having plugs put in my eyes (to keep tears from draining out since I don't produce enough tears), getting glare screens on my computer monitors at work, and changing my work setup to make sure that I sit at an angle that has me look down at least 10 degrees on my monitors.

Well with all that said... my eyes are burning so I'm gonna get me a warm compress and call it a night.

Thanks for reading!!


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  2. Good job, Brea. Keep it up. I find it fun that you made that goal about your wedding dress! Just FYI, you may want to revise your statement about "making an announcement" since some crazy person could actually read into that and think you may actually be expecting! A side note: doesn't the black screen with the white letters make your eyes hurt more?

  3. It's not black when I type. But yeah I don't like the inverted color.

    And for anyone reading into things...I'm NOT pregnant.


  4. Run, Brea, Run!! What half marathon are you going to train for? I like the wedding dress thing too. I should get mine out and try it on. I would really like to know if it fits a little over a year after having a baby! :)

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