Saturday, October 1, 2011

I can't talk but I can type, so here we go...

So today I'm feeling very chatty but I can't really talk so I decided it's time to finally revisit my blog.  Although I decided I'm a bit too OCD to set weekly goals and actually end up happy I figure a general idea of taking each week to strive towards health and happiness is an umbrella I can be under.
So let me start off with this... Eric and I have been hoping to start a family for a little more than a year and that hasn't happened quite yet so I finally decided to get a procedure done to address an issue that may be holding up the show and that I've needed to do for a very long time but always put off doing.  Warning men, this may be more than you want to know about female stuff.  I had two procedures done yesterday, laparoscopy for endometriosis and a hysteroscopy to see if there are any other issues.  My doctor is Shahrya Kavoussi and he is simply the nicest doctor I have ever met!!  The reason I can't really talk today is because these required me to be put under general anesthesia which has resulted in a very sore throat.  Another interesting side effect that one would not typically expect from a surgery on your abdomen is a very sore shoulder.  Actually my throat and shoulder are bothering me much more than my abdomen but it's not too bad and my sweet husband is taking good care of me.  As for the results of the surgery, here is the scoop.  It's a really good thing I had the hysteroscopy because I had polyps in my uterus that can get in the way of pregnancy and would increase my chances of miscarriage. So he removed all of those and then moved onto the laparoscopy. I did have quite a bit of endometriosis on my right ovary, in fact my ovary was stuck to my uterus, so they cleaned that all up and removed one cyst and deflated another.  So I should have a much easier time getting pregnant now and in fact it would be very good for me to get pregnant because it can help prevent these issues from returning.  So we are praying for a baby!

Well I thought I would cover more than just that but it seems I am ready for another nap so I will wrap this quickly with a few thanks.

Eric-Thanks for taking care of me and loving me like crazy!

Roger, Holly, Paul, and Eric-Thanks for praying over me on Thursday night.

Kelly-Thanks so much for the beautiful flowers! I was pretty out of it when I got home but still managed to say "Eric...picture" and pointed to them as a stumbled in the house.  And I'm looking forward to a date to the Olive Garden with my caretaker as well, it's one of our favorite places to eat.

Lianet-Thanks for the soup! It's delicious and just what I need, it's healing my throat nicely.

And thanks to all the rest of my wonderful friends, family, and church family for praying for me.


  1. I heart Dr. Kavoussi. So glad you like him as much as we do. The shoulder pain is pretty bad & will go away. Glad to hear they found stuff & removed it. Now for some baby making! :) After you recover of course.

  2. :) Smiling for you. I'm glad it went so well and I'll be praying for a baby for you guys soon!

  3. If they didn't tell you, the shoulder pain is from your diaphragm being pushed out of place by the gas they used to do the laproscopy. It gets better with walking and worse with laying down. I'm happy to hear you got some answers. I will continue to pray for you and Eric.

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